In the wake of the latest news on street harassment towards women, a group of teenagers has taken action to use street art to bring attention to the matter. The mural is not quite finished, but even with some color missing, the message is given: be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. What is really exceptional is that this all-female group is composed of only teens. Take a look at the work that they have already begun:

street harassment

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The mural is titled “Voices Her’d.” One of the girls helping to head up the project is quoted as saying, “This location is the perfect location to make a statement like this because we endure a lot of catcalling here as a group of young women. Some of it’s just friendly, but there have been instances where we felt our safety was compromised. We feel like the streets should be safe for all and that respect and dignity should be maintained.”

Sarah Goodyear discusses the matter of street harassment and talks about how to deal with the problem at its root: When they are young, tell them it is wrong, and why. A mother of a thirteen-year old boy said, “I trust his instincts and his heart. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the need to be quite direct and explicit about his responsibility to be a young man who always treats girls and women with respect—on the street and everywhere else. It’s his responsibility to be conscious and empathetic about what women deal with every day.”

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