Our Mission

The mission of FORLETTA is to provide quality investigative services in a timely and confidential manner to the legal, medical, business and government communities and private citizens worldwide. We are dedicated to provide answers and solutions to our client’s needs. Our guiding principles of integrity and high ethical standards will ensure confidence and trust with our clients. At all times our investigators will be honest, just, fair and professional.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to eliminate disputed information and provide a clear and concise detail-oriented resolution for our clients.

Our Greatest Strengths

We are experts in complex criminal and civil litigation. We are some of the best private investigation detectives in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. One of our strongest attributes is proven expertise in conducting a “professional interview.” We obtain the details rather than give them to the witness. Professional interviewing skills are not learned from a “textbook,” they are developed over years of dealing with some of the most sophisticated criminals in the world. We also provide instruction in interviewing techniques to foreign government officials, as well to many local, state and federal law enforcement officials and the U.S. military.

Our Values

Ethics: We will make all reporting based upon truth and facts. No personal feelings or prejudices will interfere with factual and truthful disclosures of the results obtained from investigative assignments for clients.

Service: FORLETTA tailors our services to the needs of our clients. We understand that each client is dealing with unique issues. We focus on those issues and resolve them to the best of our ability.

Professionalism: We pride ourselves on our efficient investigative methods and techniques. We provide our clients detail-oriented reports which have been reviewed and tested by lawyers, judges and other professional experts.

Courage: We will challenge what appears to be undisputed facts and stand by the results we provide our clients with.

Persistency: We will never quit an investigation. We will continue to strive for positive results and the best outcomes of our investigations.

Dependability: We are always available to our clients. We provide our clients regular updates of our investigative efforts. We respond immediately to all inquiries made by our clients.

Respect: We treat our clients like they are a member of our family and treat them with the utmost respect.

Our Commitment to Education

We understand that having knowledge allows people to make more informed decisions. With this belief, we provide educational programs to the general public and the legal, medical, business, educational and law enforcement communities.

Our Commitment to Our Community:

Our Founder, Mr. Larry Forletta is a member of the Lawrence County Crisis Intervention Team. Mr. Forletta’s pro bono work for the crisis shelter included a Risk and Threat Assessment to ensure the safety of the employees and clients. This assessment can play a future role in securing the safety of all crisis shelters. We are honored to be an essential part of this worthwhile activity. So, if you are looking for a Private investigator in Cleveland, a Private detective in Youngstown, or a private detective in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas—FORLETTA is who you need for your private investigation needs.

FORLETTA highly recommends Delaware private investigator former DEA Agent William Glanz, operating the Delaware area. Please contact him at 610-593-8126.