Since teachers and others in the education field spend more time with our young people than we do, we at FORLETTA encourage you to employ our services to keep your children safe.

Increasing law enforcement presence on campuses across America and taking precautions about whom we hire bolsters security for our young people. Our Cleveland, OH teacher background checks offer an extra layer of insulation against unwanted tragedy, scandal or harassment in the workplace.

To reduce risks posed for students, FORLETTA offers the following services:

Workplace Investigations – We’re not necessarily talking about patrolling the halls, but we would drop in for an occasional investigation. Workplace harassment is a common issue that we could help you with.

Threat & Risk Assessment – Knowing risks ahead of time can alleviate any disasters that may occur.

FCRA Compliance Consulting – Stay compliant with the help of our Pittsburgh P.I.’s for education.

Background Checks/Investigations – Including I-9 verification, sex offender searches, federal criminal and civil searches, harassment—FORLETTA Pittsburgh private investigators cover all bases.

Surveillance/GPS Tracking/Counter Surveillance – Any tracking or surveillance you need, call our Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigation firm.

Witness Interviews – We’ll personally interview any witnesses to crimes that may occur.

Due Diligence – Don’t fall prey to a scam—let us protect your reputation.

Residency Verification – We’ll check out the information your staff gives you so you can rest assured that you’ve got the right employees.

Financial Record Review – FORLETTA will make sure all your numbers line up.

Don’t leave your children unprotected. Let FORLETTA act as your first line of defense against potential predators. Call FORLETTA today to set up your free consultation.