Whenever you have a great idea, you want people to know it was yours, right? Unfortunately, once an idea escapes your brain, it’s hard to prove who thought it first. This is where intellectual property protection in Pittsburgh comes into play.

Laws to protect intellectual property came into existence as early as the 1600’s. These laws protected music, literature, art, inventions, and designs. Under such laws, creators now possess certain exclusive rights, which we at FORLETTA fight to protect. Our private investigators for intellectual property understand the importance of intellectual property protection and believe it should be guarded to the full extent of the law—so we closely monitor matters concerning IP protection with intellectual property investigation.

We serve:

Lawyers – Since legal professionals handle the majority of IP cases, FORLETTA would like to offer you our services. We can assist lawyers in investigating matters of intellectual property.

Businesses – If as a small startup company you feel that someone else beat you to a patent or trademark, we at FORLETTA encourage you to enlist our services to reclaim what belongs to you.

We at FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant strive to protect that bit of genius in everyone, whether you work as an independent business owner or lawyer protecting someone else. Our services are for everyone. We believe ourselves to be the top private investigator for intellectual property in the Pittsburgh and Cleveland area.

To protect your intellectual property, FORLETTA offers the following services:

Assist in Intellectual Property Disputes – If you believe someone has stolen your idea and is now posing it as their own, we can help dissolve the dispute for you.

Counterfeit Product Investigations – The global economy loses hundreds of billions of dollars per year due to counterfeit products; don’t let yourself be caught up in this scheme. If you feel you’ve been snookered into buying a counterfeit product, one containing a fake logo or patent infringement, let us help you uncover the culprit.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of intellectual property infringement or consumption of counterfeit products, call our Cleveland intellectual property protection today for a free consultation.

FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant offers real solutions in real time, so don’t wait—call us today.