Conducting a corporate workplace investigation isn’t as simple as one may think. Not only does a Pittsburgh private investigator have to abide by federal and state laws when researching an employee with workplace investigations in Pittsburgh, but they also must respect privacy rights and produce thorough yet quick and objective data. This kind of delicacy takes a skilled professional.

FORLETTA offers undercover workplace investigation for business and surveillance in Pittsburgh and Cleveland utilizing still pictures and video, as well as a written account of notable events. We will inform you of any wrongdoing on your premises, including harassment, substance abuse, violence, theft, white-collar and intellectual property crimes.

In performing workplace investigations in Pittsburgh, FORLETTA conducts thorough threat and risk assessments. We identify vulnerabilities that put businesses at risk and then create a plan of preparation including warning systems and evacuation procedures. Next, we train the personnel on how to implement plans of action and coordinate with law enforcement for quick response to threats. Once the new systems are in place, we re-evaluate for effectiveness.

Also included in our Cleveland private investigation is FCRA compliance consulting. We decrease liability by teaching employers how the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) can affect them and what they need to do to stay compliant.

We serve:

Education – Since young people are the future of any society, keeping our schools and universities safe is of the utmost importance. Workplace investigations could prevent tragic events from occurring.

Businesses – Conducting workplace investigations for businesses provides employers with a discreet and professional way to keep tabs on employees while not encroaching on any privacy rights.

Medical – Though we’d all like to believe every doctor or nurse has the best of intentions, past events have demonstrated the need for continual workplace investigations to ensure ethical behavior from staff at all times, especially regarding drug abuse.

No work environment is exempt from potential incidents; whether in a school, business, or medical facility, all workplaces require investigations from time to time. Call FORLETTA to schedule yours today.

FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant includes the following aspects of surveillance for workplaces:

  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • FCRA Compliance Consulting
  • Background Checks/Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Surveillance/GPS Tracking/Counter Surveillance
  • Witness Interviews & Locates
  • Due Diligence
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Handwriting Analysis

Call FORLETTA today for a free consultation regarding workplace investigations and how they can benefit your specific company.