Child custody cases are a tricky business, especially when the relationship between the parents is fraught with tension and negativity. While friction is understandable, dangerous behavior is not. That’s why people call in third party Pittsburgh private investigators for child custody surveillance . If you have reason to believe your former spouse poses a threat to your children, you can hire professionals to compile the information needed to prove his or her incompetence while steering clear of any personal confrontations.

FORLETTA performs child custody surveillance in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. If you feel strongly that a parent or guardian is unfit to provide proper child care, we help gather evidence to substantiate your claim in order for the courts to render a decision regarding child custody. Reckless driving, alcoholism, drug abuse, physical or mental abuse, exposing a child to danger or an unhealthy environment and/or violating a court-ordered agreement are all signs of an unfit parent that can be observed, documented, and submitted before the court. We offer a complete range of discrete surveillance services and will work closely with you and your attorney to formulate a strategy to meet your objective.

We serve:

Lawyers – Let’s say one of your clients is adamant about her husband’s inability to care for their children but has no way to prove it; FORLETTA can perform surveillance to gain the necessary proof.

Individual & Family – Without involving yourself in an altercation with your former spouse, you can hire FORLETTA to discretely follow your ex and take photos disproving his or her claims of parental competence.

For the most discreet way to provide factual evidence in either your own case against a spouse or your legal client’s case, you’ll need to hire Cleveland private investigation company FORLETTA.

FORLETTA performs the following services relating to Pittsburgh/Cleveland child custody:

Assist in Child Custody Disputes – To obtain all the evidence you need to demonstrate why your ex is incapable of possessing full custody of your children, FORLETTA will put themselves on the field using video and still photographs and GPS devices so you can stay in the sidelines.

Assist in Child Support Case – To make sure your child is placed under the right care, FORLETTA will build a support case for the custody of your child, making ourselves available to testify in a court of law based on our documented surveillance. We will appear for court testimony upon request/subpoena.

If you have the slightest doubt as to your children’s safety with another parent or guardian, call FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant for a free consultation. Safeguarding your family is our priority, so let’s start building your case today.