The term “skip tracing” refers to tracking down a person who has disappeared or “skipped town.” Without the right resources, locating missing persons can be difficult, so it is often necessary to hire a professional Pittsburgh skip tracer.

With decades of past law enforcement experience, Cleveland private investigation company FORLETTA possesses the know-how and technology to locate a missing person in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, with Pittsburgh GPS tracking and more.

We serve:

Lawyers – If you need to locate an important witness for an upcoming legal trial, FORLETTA can help you track them down with a major people search Pittsburgh.

Businesses – Know someone who has siphoned off your cash funds but now won’t return your calls? We’ll help you find them.

Individual & Family – In dire situations such as teenage runaways or kidnapped children, employ FORLETTA services to locate and return them home safe and sound.

Whether your case is personal, legal, or business-related, put FORLETTA to the test. Our Pittsburgh private investigators won’t let you down, and we employ GPS tracking Cleveland, Pittsburgh and wherever you are located.

Our skip-tracing services offer help locating the following people:

Missing Persons
Whether your child has intentionally run away or has been traumatically kidnapped, we will exercise all the power we possess in order to bring them home unscathed.

In order to unearth a crucial witness gone underground in the middle of an investigation, FORLETTA employs methods such as tracking phone records and paper trails to bring them to trial.

All missing person cases are as urgent to us as they are to you.

Call FORLETTA today for your free consultation. You’ll rest easier once everyone is back where they belong.