Are you suspicious of a scam or afraid of bankruptcy due to a poor decision? With a Pittsburgh asset search, FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant can help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud, getting involved with potentially unethical business partners and more.

We serve:

Businesses – We help identify if potential business partners have been involved with bankruptcy or are members of criminal groups. Serving Cleveland and Pittsburgh due diligence is our top priority.

Medical – We help protect your practice or hospital from becoming a victim of fraud or from hiring questionable doctors. We can analyze and document data breaches involving HIPAA-protected medical records.

Education – Whether you are running an elementary school or are the dean of a university, it is important to protect your students, teachers and staff from any potential scams.

Local governments – Protect your government funding from any dishonest private contractors. We can identify contractors that have a history with organized crime or past financial liability issues.

Whichever field you’re in, rest assured that our Pittsburgh private investigator can help you carry out a thorough due diligence check to protect your business and your integrity.

Our Due Diligence Service includes:

  • Asset Search
  • Business Credit Report
  • Business License Verification
  • Civil Judgment Search
  • Corporate Records Search
  • County Specific Civil Record Search
  • County Specific Criminal Record Hand Search
  • Credit Report
  • Driver’s History Search
  • Federal Civil Record Search
  • Federal Criminal Record Search
  • Media Survey (Research)
  • Criminal Record Database Search
  • Real Property Ownership Records
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Tax Lien Search
  • Vehicle Registration Records Search

Are you ready to identify who may be wanting to scam you? Contact your local Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigation company and set up your free consultation. FORLETTA is committed to conducting top quality corporate due diligence to help protect you.

Call FORLETTA today for a free consultation at 412-928-3945.