Prescription drug diversion—improper consumption of medication outside a doctor’s orders—is one of the fastest growing crimes and public health issues in the country. It often involves collateral crimes such as burglary, theft, fraud, and assault as drug-seekers forage for their next fix. This type of drug abuse can lead to serious medical problems and even death.

The Pittsburgh private investigators at FORLETTA are skilled in preventing and investigating prescription and illicit drug crimes by contacting appropriate law enforcement, assisting with documentation of stolen drugs, providing profiles of “doctor shoppers,” locating and identifying drug abusers, and analyzing handwriting on forged prescriptions.

We serve:

Lawyers – For clients needing expert proof of drug misuse, call FORLETTA for help compiling evidence for Pittsburgh drug investigations.

Education – Teachers and students are among those testing out Pittsburgh drug diversion, so having FORLETTA on board could save a young life.

Medical – Especially prevalent in the medical world, drug diversion should be confronted using our Cleveland private investigation.

If you suspect or know of improper drug use taking place at your place of work in a school, law office, or medical facility, contact FORLETTA’s highly-trained private investigators for Cleveland and Pittsburgh drug investigations.

To help fight drug diversion, FORLETTA offers the following services:

  • Drug Crime Expert Witness Consulting
  • Drug Diversion Investigations

Illicit drug use is no laughing matter—if you or someone you know is involved with prescription or street drugs, contact FORLETTA today for a free consultation for assistance in drug investigation. You take the first step, and we’ll help with the rest.