We’re all taught from a young age not to plagiarize or forge someone else’s work or signature; that goes to show how important document authenticity is, especially in court cases. In order for your evidence to hold up in a court of law, you must have all the documents required and also have proof of verity.

The private investigators for document review at FORLETTA will provide you assurance of proper documentation needed for your case. It is imperative to your case that you have the correct documentation of facts and records maintained by businesses, medical facilities, municipalities, and courthouses. FORLETTA will analyze all personal and automobile documents, including financial records, credit reports, marital and divorce records, and accident reports.

We serve:

Lawyers – The most important shred of evidence can be thrown out if it hasn’t been maintained through legal or genuine means; therefore, make sure FORLETTA Pittsburgh document analysis can backup your documents before presenting them in court.

Government – For any policy to pass legislation, it must first be proven to have weight. FORLETTA will ensure that it does.

Businesses – Take the utmost care in maintaining all corporate documents for posterity’s sake; FORLETTA’s branch of document analysis in Cleveland can help you with that.

In order to ensure that all legal, governmental, and corporate documents are legitimate, enroll the participation of Pittsburgh private investigators from FORLETTA.

Besides what is listed above, FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant also includes financial record review with a thorough discovery process and personal record analysis in the document analysis

Document analysis is a relatively simple matter that has huge implications. To ensure your documents are ready to go for court, call FORLETTA today for your free consultation.