FORLETTA’s surveillance solutions and extensive experience are equal to none. We understand counter-surveillance measures. We have conducted Pittsburgh surveillance on sophisticated criminal organizations and also employ GPS tracking devices whenever legally permitted. Whether you are dealing with threats of workplace violence, theft or substance abuse—FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant can help by obtaining factual evidence through discreet surveillance operations on both video and digital, still photographs.

We serve:

Businesses – If you have a suspicious employee or threats of violence, FORLETTA can carry out thorough and careful Pittsburgh and Cleveland surveillance. FORLETTA also offers domestic surveillance Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Medical – Is the safety of your patients or employees compromised? Your local Pittsburgh private investigator can acquire factual evidence through our discreet Pittsburgh PA surveillance service.

Educational Institutions – If your students are in danger, don’t wait to contact us to employ our careful surveillance service to provide the evidence you need. Call FORLETTA today.

Local Governments – With surveillance Pittsburgh and Cleveland, we pay special attention to all state and federal statutory regulations. If you’re suspicious of a contractor or your security, we can provide the evidence through our surveillance service.

Upon the completion of the surveillance, we provide a detailed, well-written and timely report as well as the photographs and video reproductions. If requested, we will appear for court testimony and are also available to be present at depositions with the documented surveillance evidence.

Are you ready to use our Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigation services? Call FORLETTA today to set up your first, free consultation.