Finding Missing Persons

Forletta can assist you with contacting or locating your loved one. Forletta has access to extensive resources to help locate missing individuals, and more specifically—your missing family member.

Forletta works side-by-side with law enforcement, news media, and other agencies who provide services to help families locate their loved one, whether it be a missing child or adult. These are important resources when it comes to finding a missing person. Coordinating a missing persons investigation can be overwhelming without the right plan, and Forletta can develop, assemble, and implement that plan to dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

We understand what a serious and painful matter it is and what an overwhelming experience it can be for a family living through the stressful experience of not knowing where a loved one is. Let the burden of coordinating all of the necessary logistics fall on a professional’s back. Forletta has a team of seasoned investigators with hundreds of years of accumulated experience who can put together the puzzle pieces to help solve a missing persons case.

In addition, we have the knowledge and experience to help families understand exactly how law enforcement works on the inside, and how each agency may respond to a missing persons case. Not every law enforcement agency operates the same, and we have the necessary rapport with countless agencies that help keep the lines of communication open. We help families by working with:

  • Various Law Enforcement Agencies;
  • News Media Outlets;
  • Dissemination of Press Releases;
    • Radio, TV, and Print Media
    • Coordinating Social Media Posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Holding Press Conferences;
  • Various Rescue Groups (to disseminate information to help in locating your missing person).

Forletta has extensive experience and expertise working with missing persons cases. If you are trying to locate a missing person near Pittsburgh and are considering hiring a private investigator, please don’t wait another minute—call Forletta right away for a free initial consultation so we can help locate your loved one.