Once you have been around the block a few times, you start figuring out who makes good government employees—and who won’t pass the test. Law enforcement administrative procedures Pittsburgh and Cleveland follow certain protocol to seek out new hires but also have to be careful not to incur lawsuits.

Our private investigators for government will help you hire the best applicants and prevent lawsuits. FORLETTA’s years of training with the government and criminal law enforcement have taught us the necessary techniques needed for hiring the right employees. We have participated in numerous interviews, written procedures for enforcement operations, and learned the various waivers necessary for applicant investigations in order to comply with federal law.

We serve:

Government – Who better to help screen your new employees than people who have worked for the government themselves? Our staff boasts decades of experience in government work, especially law enforcement procedures and investigative, and can help you build the best team.

Government employers mean well, but they can’t stop every bad hat from slipping under the radar. Let FORLETTA help you discern the good from “the bad and the ugly.”

With our knowledge of law enforcement administration procedures, FORLETTA’s Pittsburgh private investigation company offers:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • FCRA Compliance Reporting
  • Development of Hiring Procedures
  • Written Policy and Procedures for Enforcement Activities of Law Enforcement Agency
  • Interview Format for New Law Enforcement Applicants
  • Authorization Waivers for Screening Process
  • Interview of Applicant

Don’t let your next hire ruin the standard of integrity in your office; instead, call on FORLETTA to lay out your new hire policies and procedures. Call us now and schedule your free consultation today.