We understand that when people posses knowledge, it allows them to make better and more informed decisions. With this belief we at FORLETTA provide educational programs, law enforcement seminars, security surveillance seminars and more to the general public and the legal, medical, business, educational and law enforcement communities.

Legal Profession:

“Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession” – Continue Legal Education (CLE)
We are CLE certified by the State of Ohio. We have conducted the CLE class at one of the largest law firms in the country, Jones Day in Cleveland, Ohio. This course provides insight to the problems lawyers face involving disciplinary issues, and other matters related to substance abuse. We have trained over 100 legal professionals.

“Defense of Entrapment and the Use of informants”
One of the most difficult issues facing criminal defense is to utilize the entrapment defense. The legal community will learn the proper use of informants by the law enforcement community. Informants are the necessary evil to effectively prosecute a crime. However, if the authorities mismanage informants, this can lead to a successful defense of your case.

Medical Profession:

Medical Practitioner Guide “Protect Your Practice”
The new RX generation deals with legal prescription abuse. Discussed is the controlled substance act and how it affects your legal liability and dispensing of legal drugs. We provide a profile of doctor shopping “drug addicts” in order to obtain legal prescriptions. If your practice operates “outside the scope” of your practice, you can become legally liable. We provide practical advice to medical practitioners on how to protect their practice and how to prepare and handle a government audit.

“Larry Forletta brings an impressive blend of hands-on experience, in-depth knowledge and a great personality to his profession. He was a guest speaker for Ameritox on multiple occasions and he delivered every time. His background provides instant credibility, but it’s his storytelling and sense of humor which truly captivate his audience. Whatever the need, Larry will be prompt, professional and committed. It’s been a pleasure getting to know him over the years.”

Rick Saulle

“Larry was hired as a presenter for two separate CLE programs at Jones Day. Larry spoke on issues regarding substance abuse from a unique standpoint; that being from a law enforcement officer’s view rather than that of a substance abuse counselor. Our attorneys found the new approach enlightening and enjoyable. Larry is a very enthusiastic speaker who kept the presentation lively and interesting. Larry was also very punctual, thorough and a pleasure to work with.”

Karyn Mueller

Business Community:

“Know Who You Hire”
One of the most important roles in conducting background investigations/checks is to know the person you hire for your company. We cover all the essential elements from both a practical and legal point of view. We discuss a variety of subject matters involving potential problems clients are faced when they do not conduct a proper background check or investigation. For example, false resumes constitute fraud as high as 40%. We discuss the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) “Adverse Action” and Negligent Hiring and Retention Liability. We are FCRA certified.

“Harassment/Workplace Violence”
We will cover some of the most important elements regarding harassment and the effects on your organization. We discuss the EEOC and reduce your legal risk with Hanley harassment and other complaints. It is important to understand that the complainer is the victim and not the cause of the complaint. Workplace violence is a $50 billion loss each year. We discuss the Health and Safety Act of 1974, a profile of red flags of individuals who are prone to violence. We also provide information on how to deal with that workplace violence and the necessary security measures that must be taken. We can provide you a threat assessment on potential security risk and violent actions by individuals.

“Larry’s presentations at the Employer Advisory Council Meetings (on Handling Harassments and Hiring and Firing Tips) were very informative and relevant to current workplace needs. His background and extensive experience in investigative services made the information he shared extremely credible and interesting to the group of employers and business representatives in the group. Many of those attending the sessions commented that they benefitted greatly from the ideas discussed at the session and from the packets of information received.”

Eileen Borrelli
CareerLink Administrator
PA CareerLink® Lawrence County

Educational Community:

“Know Who You Hire”
One of the most serious issues that face our educational facilities, besides budgetary problems, is the ongoing threat of hiring potential problem employees. We provide all the essential elements to educate the educators how critical background investigations are in today’s society. We will provide you with information on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Adverse Action, Negligent Hiring and Retention Liability.

Law Enforcement:

“Managing of Informants”
This program has been approved by the U.S. State Department for providing training to international law enforcement/government agencies. The use of informants is one of the most controversial subjects affecting our legal system. Many times informants are a necessary evil needed to get what is needed to conduct an effective investigation. However, the lack of proper controls can lead to a series of corruption and illegal activities. One of the most important roles in the handling of informants is to never trust them.

One of the most difficult issues facing law enforcement and the private investigative business is the proper use of surveillance methods without being detected. We will educate you on the difficulties involving the use of surveillance as an investigative technique. We prepare you to expect the unexpected. Surveillance can be dangerous and risky. We will also educate you by providing the different methods and techniques used on a successful surveillance investigation.


“Hiring Practices for Small Government Agencies”
This program is designed to assist local government agencies in dealing with hiring practices of new applicants. We will provide you with an interview process and educate you on the necessity of conducting background investigations in a professional manner. This program is similar to “Know Who You Hire” because of the potential abuse and misuse by new employees working for a local government.


“Stupid Things Smart Women Do”
We will educate your audience on personal safety matters. This program is designed to assist women in protecting themselves. The purpose of this presentation is to make women aware of their surroundings and their line of defense.


Forletta speaks with attorneys from the Allegheny County Bar Association, Criminal Litigation Section, Pittsburgh, PA.