Do you have reason to question the authenticity of an authored document? Contact FORLETTA for a Pittsburgh Handwriting Analysis and handwriting analysis in Cleveland. We will conduct an independent review to see if there are any discrepancies, forged documents or falsified records. Handwriting analysis can also be a helpful indicator of personality and behavior and thus useful to pair with background checks when hiring new employees or contractors.

We serve:

Small and corporate businesses – Hiring the right people or finding the right business partner is absolutely critical to the success of your business. We help ease your fears by discovering who that person is through handwriting analysis.

Medical – Are you questioning the authenticity of some medical records? Call FORLETTA today—we can provide the evidence and put your mind to rest with a handwriting investigation.

Educational institutions – It is absolutely necessary that those in educational institutions have the necessary and legitimate documents. Our work is so precise we can even help pair teachers with compatible personalities!

Local governments –Is the authenticity of an authored document questionable? FORLETTA can help put your mind at ease with our thorough handwriting analysis.

Whether you think you received a forged document, or want a deeper insight into the person you may potentially hire—your local, Cleveland and Pittsburgh private investigator can help you.

To start your handwriting analysis in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, contact FORLETTA to set up a free consultation. We’ll make sure the person you need is who they say they are.