A private investigator is usually called upon to uncover the truth, facts and circumstances that convert mere suspicion into solid evidence, wherever that may lead. FORLETTA is Cleveland and Pittsburgh private investigator service with extensive knowledge base, resources and experiences to provide the best evidence in any of the following private investigator services.

Polygraph Examinations

Our Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigator service can help put your mind at rest and save you from becoming a victim of fraud or becoming involved with unethical potential business partners. We carry out top-quality due diligence to help protect your assets. FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant can help you.Call us today.


Are you suspicious of lying or falsehood in your home, workplace or school? FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultantwill provide you insight into these suspicious activities. Call us today for help.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

How do you know the signature or document you received is authentic? We can independently review and analyze documents to verify their authenticity. Call us today and we can begin this important work.

Intellectual Property Protection

Do you fear the loss of your trademarks and brand identity? We provide the information you need to combat and defeat intellectual property theft. You are just one phone call away from receiving our expert investigative services.

Workplace Investigations

Harassment, violence, internal theft, and substance abuse can all plague a business. We can help you manage your workplace and avoid any potential lawsuits through properly conducted investigations.

Drug Investigations

Prescription drug abuse can lead to serious medical problems and even death. FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant can carry out thorough drug diversion investigations to help your loved ones, employees and friends.

Whether you’re a lawyer, a corporate business or in the medical field—we can help you. Call FORLETTA today for a free consultation at 412-928-3945.
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Polygraph Examinations

Not sure who is credible? With the effective use of a polygraph, the credibility of a witness or client can be discovered.

Background Checks

Whether you’re looking for an investor, a nanny, house cleaner, a business partner or a new hire, our private investigative services include thorough background checks. Read more to see how thorough our background checks are.

Skip Tracing

Do you need to track down a renter who disappeared without paying rent or an employee who fled with your cash? Through our expert private investigator service, we can help locate a person whose contact information is not immediately known.

Document Analysis

Make sure you have the correct documentation of facts and records for your case. We will analyze all the documents you need – whether financial records, accident reports, investigative reports.

Law Enforcement Administrative Procedure

Do you need expertise in law enforcement? With almost 30 years of working drug trafficking, money laundering and other crimes, we know how to help you.

Child Custody

We understand that protecting the safety and best interests of your children is of utmost concern. In whatever situation you’re in, we can help gather the evidence through surveillance services to help you meet your objective.

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