Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in America, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing. With all the new (and old) employees flowing in and out of medical facilities, keeping patients safe is the topmost priority of our Pittsburgh medical private investigators.

We encourage healthcare facilities to enlist our help in conducting threat and risk assessments and other workplace investigations in order to make sure each staff member abides by the rules and regulations designated by the administration.

So as to maintain the safety of every public health worker and patient, Pittsburgh PA and Cleveland, OH medical P.I.’s at FORLETTA offer the following services:

Background Investigations – Including professional license & credentialing verification, DEA administrative violations verification, and verification of educational degrees, our Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigation ranges the gamut of medical coverage.

Workplace Investigations – One way to keep everything running smoothly is to perform periodic workplace investigations, even before you have reason for suspicion.

Drug Diversion – A huge risk in the medical field is the abuse of prescription medication—substance abuse and death by overdose are huge issues these days. Help us help you by issuing a drug diversion investigation.

Threat & Risk Assessment – Our Cleveland and Pittsburgh private investigators can prevent disasters by forming emergency evacuation plans and more.

Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, GPS Surveillance – Our Cleveland and Pittsburgh medical P.I.’s conduct thorough yet discreet surveillance.

Due Diligence – Don’t fall victim to a scam. Enlist our help for asset searches, credit reports, and much more.

Witness Interviews – We’ll get to the bottom of a crime by interviewing the witnesses personally.

Handwriting Analysis – Verifying signatures on doctors’ orders can save you from legal headaches in the future.

Polygraph Examination – Want to make sure your staff is following the rules? Our lie detection test will let you know.

Financial Investigation – Make sure the money in your facility is being accurately recorded.

With the field of healthcare growing every day, you need to make sure your facility meets national guidelines. Call FORLETTA Investigative/Security Consultant today for your free consultation.