Whether you’re an attorney, working in the medical field or running your own business— FORLETTA private detection services can help you. With over 100 years of combined investigative experience and training, we are confident in our expertise in accident investigation, drug trafficking, interviews, financial crimes, money laundering, public corruption, wiretaps, surveillance, polygraph examinations, handwriting analysis, homicides and more.


We provide and help you uncover the information to help mitigate charges, uncover reasonable doubt and establish liability. Our primary areas of expertise include drug and gun trafficking, homicide, sexual assault, dram shop, personal injury, theft and burglary, and more.

Personal and Family

We can help you obtain better settlements and peace of mind for your clients through well-documented, relevant evidence. This makes all the difference between winning and losing settlements.

Business and Corporate

We specialize in undercover workplace investigations including harassment, substance abuse, workplace violence, internal theft, worker’s compensation and employee termination security. With our experience in white-collar and intellectual property crimes, we are confident we can provide a thorough Cleveland private investigation.We are your Pittsburgh and Cleveland corporate private investigator.

Take a look at an overview of the private investigative services Forletta Consulting and Investigation Services offers.

Our Services

We understand that many local governments have a tight budget and do not have the expertise nor the financial resources to hire additional personnel to deal with their own personnel issues. We can work with your solicitors and labor lawyers to help lawfully solve complex problems that often plague local governments.


Through our comprehensive investigation and consulting services, we are prepared to solve the complex problems that plague the medical industry. We specialize in drug diversion and undercover workplace investigations so contact us today!


We provide FCRA compliant consulting and risk management assessments to help solve the complex issues and problems in the educational industry. Through our private investigation services, we can carry out workplace investigations, background checks, surveillance and more.


We are not just Pittsburg private investigators. We can provide private investigative services throughout the United States and even internationally.

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