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Sports Scandals Covering Your Bases

Using TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) in Sports

In the Pittsburgh and Cleveland areas, sports is a big part of the culture.  We know scandals are nothing new in professional sports. From Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods, it seems that no sport is immune to controversy. Fair play seems to be a notion of the past, as teams and athletes resort to spying in order to come out on top. Espionage exists at all levels: amateur, college, and professional sports. It is a known fact that sports teams spy on each other and employees from within those organizations leak proprietary information.  Click here for a few recent examples in the news.

TSCM can stop the spying.

Forletta’ TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) can sweep conference rooms prior to any discussions that are highly sensitive and confidential, such as the drafting of players, team strategy, or playbook discussions. Modern bugging and recording devices are very easily disguised in everyday items, such as key-chains, phones, pens, clocks, etc. Individuals that are trying to infiltrate and spy on sports teams no longer need to sit outside in a van with clunky equipment. Modern day spies use high-tech devices that are minuscule and blend in, so only a skilled professional with the right equipment will be able to find them. Our sweeping countermeasures are designed to detect the presence of eavesdropping devices.

Using our counter surveillance equipment, we can detect the information being passed through radio waves, Wi-Fi, magnetic fields, electrical noise, or just through old-fashioned physical searching. In addition, thermal cameras may be used to detect residual heat emitting from a concealed power supply to find those extremely well-hidden devices inside walls or other fixed locations. Being proactive is important, because once an organization is compromised, the damage is already done. Our team can evaluate the vulnerability of a team’s office space or locker room to give an overview of any weaknesses we see to prevent the spying before it even occurs.

Do you know your employees?

Another way a sports organization’s insider secrets can be compromised is by employees leaking information in exchange for monetary payouts. Employees can leak information to competitors using hidden recorders, hidden cameras, or computer tampering. The first precautionary step would be doing in-depth background checks prior to hiring new employees. If you suspect someone of sending trade secrets to another team, our surveillance team can watch them and report any suspicious behavior back to management in a detailed, timely report as well as the photographs and video reproductions.

Don’t let your organization become the latest sports scandal. Spying can have lasting and impacting effects on your team and haunt you for years to come.

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