We’re all familiar with the common HR procedure of conducting background checks on our prospective employees. And it makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t want to put your company’s reputation in jeopardy by bringing on someone who doesn’t have the cleanest legal or moral record.

So the candidate passed the background check. You’ve hired them. And they’re doing great work. So now you’re out of the woods, right?

Hopefully the answer is yes, but you can never be too sure.

After an employee has been hired, there’s always the possibility that he or she got pulled over for drunk driving or committed credit card fraud. For this very reason, it is common practice for the federal government to conduct background checks on employees after they are hired.

According to a 2013 report put together by HireRight, 53% of employers do not re-screen employees once they are officially on the payroll. The types of offenses noted above may not immediately be brought to an employer’s attention. Nonetheless, these offenses are indicative of poor judgment and decision-making. Employers therefore have a responsibility to be vigilant of their employees and should take it upon themselves to periodically re-screen current employees.

Conducting additional background checks on current employees might be especially important if an employee is up for a promotion, or if the employer wants to give the employee additional responsibilities so as not to have to recruit externally (which is becoming more and more common in the current economic environment). If the employee’s new responsibilities include, for example, handling financial transactions, you want to be extra sure that he or she doesn’t have a history of credit card fraud or any other illegal or immoral financial behaviors.

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