Private Investigators can be an asset to the Human Resource Department in several ways. For instance, the P.I.  can conduct background investigations as opposed to going to an online service to see if a potential employee has any issues. If you are attempting to find lousy behavior causing potential problems for your company or organization, a proper background investigation might just elevate some possible issues

For example, the online check will not tell you if someone has domestic issues. If an individual has not been charged with domestic violence, how else would you find out? A seasoned professional investigator would contact the local police department, interview neighbors, former co-workers, and previous employers

Although there may be some reluctance by a former employer, a neighbor might have valuable information and insight into a person’s character and integrity. Such as the neighbor and or neighbors might have heard and seen domestic disputes. A seasoned investigator would interview more than one neighbor to ensure there is no personal vendetta by an unhappy neighbor. 

It’s not only here with background checks that a P.I. can assist the Human Resource Department. They can also assist with internal investigations on employees that are already a problem. Take for example that the company suspects the employee is abusing company time and a company vehicle. The private investigator, along with its resources, can conduct surveillance with other professionals and the use of GPS. The private investigator can obtain valuable evidence to terminate an employee if they are wasting time and resources. 

P.I.’s can also conduct employee interviews, which many people fail to realize. Too many times, H.R. professionals conduct interviews and do not have the skill set of an experienced investigator. It is sometimes best to use an unbiased professional to gather all the facts such as workplace harassment, EEO violations, the potential for workplace violence, and a host of other employee issues. All of which, of course, are important to know for the safety and wellbeing of a business and its future.

P.I.’s can also assist with employee terminations beyond just gathering evidence. The private investigator can obtain company-issued property from the employee without H.R. getting involved. In a world of violence, leave it to the professionals to handle the employee. If an employee makes threats, the private investigator has the resources to conduct surveillance on the Subject and alert law enforcement authorities. 

These are only a few reasons why you should work with a seasoned private investigator to assist the Human Resources department. If you are interested in learning more or have questions, feel free to contact us: