While the Holiday Season is exciting and approaching quickly, so is the increase in crime that comes with it. We recommend you be aware of your surroundings from criminal activity like robberies, theft, and breaking and entering. It’s important for your safety and your family’s safety to take preventive measures. Here are a few helpful tips and important things to remember:


  • Most home break-ins occur during the day. 


Thieves are actively surveilling your neighborhood and residence whether it is day or night. FCIS recommends adding alarms and cameras to your residence for added security and increased watch. One of the most powerful deterrents to thieves is being caught on camera; a lot of them simply won’t risk being identified and charged with breaking and entering a home. On top of that, your home should have a good security alarm system that will signal when your home has been broken into.

One thing that many people forget is the abundance of packages that come with the Holiday Season. While packages are being dropped off left and right, thieves are actively targeting packages to steal with hopes to resell.


An excellent camera to consider is the Ring Doorbell. It will allow you to view the packages on your porch and can record anyone who attempts to steal it. Ring sends you an alert each time someone approaches the front area of your residence.

Likely not coming as a surprise, the family dog is a wonderful deterrent for break-ins. Most thieves hear a dog barking and think twice about entering the home in fear of being bitten. Even if your dog is rather friendly, barking and causing a stir when a stranger approaches is typically enough for them to change their plans.

Finally, you should have a good relationship with your neighbors including establishing a neighborhood watch. Neighbors who are home when you are not can keep an eye on your house and alert either you or the police of any suspicious activity.


  • Shopping malls and visits to the ATM will have increased danger.


The Holiday Season is all about buying and exchanging gifts, which means the shopping mall is an increased target for thieves and distracted, busy shoppers. Similar to that, more people can be expected drawing money out of local ATMs. Never go to the ATM late at night and alone, as someone watching can easily decide to rob you.

If you are out shopping or running errands, make sure you stay cognizant of your surroundings and what you are doing. Don’t idle in your vehicle and be sure to take your purse/wallet with you when you do leave it. Thieves can be watching you and waiting for the perfect moment to strike, which could be when you’re trying to organize yourself or you’re sitting with your wallet on your lap inside of your car responding to a call or text message. Have a goal and stick to it; wait until you’re in a safe place to respond to calls, messages, or look through your wallet/purse.

With these tips, you and your family can stay a bit safer during this Holiday Season. While you are bound to be busy and distracted during the holidays, it doesn’t mean that you need to jeopardize the safety of yourself and your home. Invest in security systems, cameras, and stay alert.