A Church Shooting – A Dangerous World We Live In

Church Shootings - A Dangerous World We Live In Our places of worship are supposed to be sanctuaries where we feel safe and secure, but with the recent high-profile church shootings in Texas, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, to name a few, it’s becoming alarmingly commonplace that this isn’t always the case. And the violence [...]

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5 Ways Hiring Private Investigators Can Prevent Retail Loss In Your Company

According to a National Retail Security Survey in 2016, loss of inventory in stores caused by shoplifting and employee theft amounted to almost $48.9 billion. The inventory shrinkage or missing inventory experienced by the U.S. retail industry was mostly caused by shoplifting from outside customers (36.5%) followed closely by theft by dishonest employees (30%). This [...]

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Larry Forletta Showcases Investigative Work in Crime Docuseries

Larry Forletta’s investigative work on one of Pittsburgh’s most haunting unsolved murder mysteries takes the spotlight in Oxygen Channel’s newest crime show Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt For Justice. The docuseries aired on January 19th and featured the case of Duquesne University student Dakota James. James was last seen in Downtown Pittsburgh after partying with [...]

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Private Investigator

Before hiring a private investigator, you have to make sure that the person you will be dealing with is highly professional. What’s the best way to identify a professional? Making sure they have the appropriate license for the kind of work you are hiring them for is a great first step! Besides that, the person [...]

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The 5-Step Guide on How To Deal With Employee Fraud

The first few hours after a company is alerted of an inside attack are crucial moments for business owners. Understandably, anyone might become overpowered by emotion and even lash out at the culprit—and from a legal perspective, this is a recipe for disaster. If you’re a company who has fallen victim to fraud, we offer [...]

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How To Identify The 6 Most Common Types of Employee Fraud

Nearly two out of three businesses have been victims of employee fraud, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It doesn’t matter what size of business you have. All companies—whether it’s a small business or a multinational corporation—are vulnerable to internal theft. In this post, we’ll diagnose what consists as fraudulent behavior and examine why [...]

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6 Legal Limits for Private Investigation

If you want to have something resolved for your peace of mind, you may have good reason to hire a private investigator. PIs, as they are often called, are in the business of helping clients sort things out and find the truth about a person or a specific situation. They are trained to take measures [...]

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Corporate Fraud Investigations

Meet Bob. He works for a successful company, manages a few employees, but this year the profits in his department are far lower than they should be. There isn’t a reason that he can find for this loss of money but Bob’s got a hunch. He doesn’t know who it is, but he’s confident that [...]

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Cyber Investigation and Computer Forensics in the Digital World

Security is a fickle concept; despite the expectation that everything in our lives is secure, crime and deception can almost always find a way to wheedle their ways into our lives. Despite a top-of-the-line home security system, there are plenty of avenues that could still lead to a crime or breach of security. Even with [...]

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5 Reasons Using a Private Investigator Can Help You Win A Civil Case

Good lawyers win cases with available evidence. Great lawyers look for their own. How? By acquiring the expertise of a civil private investigator. While attorneys wield the law like gun-toting sharpshooters inside the courtroom, they’d be shooting blanks without sufficient, compelling evidence that only a civil private investigator can bring to the table. But what [...]

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How Much Should You Know About Your Employees?

Your decision to hire someone is most likely based upon their ability to fill a specific need in your company. The value the employee brings to the company justifies the cost incurred during the hiring process, as well as the employee’s salary and company benefits.  According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study, [...]

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Eavesdropping (Part Two)

Generally speaking, federal law is supreme and supersedes state and local law unless those laws are more restrictive. Some states require two-party consent for recordings of conversations, while some require that only one party privy to the conversation gives consent. (Out of an abundance of caution and simplicity, a two-party consent law should be interpreted [...]

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Eavesdropping (Part One)

Are your private conversations really private? Are the corporate secrets that you’ve been discussing in a presumably-secure location, such as your conference room, vulnerable to eavesdropping? You probably won’t be be surprised to know that covert listening devices (aka bugs, wires) are easily hidden inside ordinary locations of private businesses and other private premises. That [...]

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Can a Private Investigator Legally Search a Computer?

We all know that law enforcement is required by law (the US Constitution) to play by the rules. Illegal searches, for example, can result in the exclusion of any evidence or information gained through that search at trial. For example, a computer retrieved from a suspect’s vehicle as suspected proceeds of a crime, such as [...]

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Know Who You’re Hiring Before You Shake Hands

Wouldn’t it be great if you could trust the information provided to you by employee candidates? The last thing you want is for your brand new HVAC-certified employee walking around asking co-workers what HVAC means. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only slightly more than half (58 percent) of small businesses surveyed check [...]

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