It’s an uncertain, frightening time in the world right now. While the current state of affairs regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a state of fear for businesses, we must be vigilant of other attacks that occur regularly. Workspace violence, spying, and dishonest employees are examples of things that could really impact your business. We believe the Coronavirus will eventually be solved by our dedicated health officials, just as they have solved other medical issues. But a real security threat to businesses will continue.

In times like these, remember the basic essentials of keeping your business safe. That includes:

  1. Backing up your Data

Always have a “disaster” plan. Back up your data to keep it safe on an external hard drive. That way if someone gets breached or goes missing, you have a spare copy in a “worst-case scenario.”

  1. Being Selective with Access

Things like keys to the workspace and important passwords should be selectively given. Even in small businesses, there is a risk for distrustful and dishonest employees. Be smart with who has access to important files and spaces.

In order to reduce the security threat to your alternative business, additional solutions are offered by Forletta. That includes technical security countermeasures, risk assessment, and background checks. All of which are important for the safety and security of your business.

We hope and pray for all of those affected by this deadly virus. We know that it will soon come to end, and thank all of the dedicated workers and officials during this time.