Whether you are a large law firm, solo practitioner, criminal defense, civil litigation, corporate, business, etc., you should consider the use of a private investigator. Private investigators are individuals that can be hired to undertake investigatory law services. The benefit of using one is that any seasoned, private investigator has the resources that can help you make the important decisions to either mitigate a case or try the case.

Attorneys have partnered with private investigators for as long as the legal profession has existed. However, not all private investigators possess the same type of talent, experience, and Training. You will want to find someone who has the skill sets and experience that you are looking for – so not just any private investigator will do. Helpful tip: A lot of lawyers usually contact their colleagues on whom they would recommend to assist them with an investigation.

When an attorney has a new case, no matter what type, they should plan on hiring a private investigator sooner rather than later. One of the reasons government attorneys are successful in obtaining convictions is because they have the benefit of the government investigator working with the government lawyer from the beginning until the end. This develops a cohesive working relationship and subsequently results in a positive outcome of the case. Although the private sector is different because it’s usually the lawyer who contacts the investigator instead, like the government investigator who contacts the government lawyer to start an investigation.


The seasoned private investigator understands the use and gathering of evidence, interview witnesses, and provides a host of services. Those include but are not limited to polygraphs, digital forensics, background, social media investigations, social media monitoring, surveillance, DNA laboratory service, and more. All of which can be a huge time and energy saver for lawyers working through their case.


Should you decide to hire professional investigators, please consider Forletta Investigation and Security Consultants. If you have any questions, let us know and we would be happy to answer!