Private Investigators, along with their member associations, have developed a plethora of resources over the years throughout the U.S. and overseas. Former law enforcement have an abundance of resources, both domestic and international, which add up to thousands of professional contacts worldwide. A private investigator can save time on money to the lawyer without the lawyer having to find an investigator in England, for example. The private investigator and their association have vetted both domestic and international private investigators. It usually only takes a phone call or email to contact private investigators wherever located, and they typically respond very quickly.

Private Investigator resources include database-driven information. They can conduct background checks, asset identification, telephone identification, places of employment, due diligence on companies, executives, and more. All of which is information that, when requested, must have a legal purpose.

If a lawyer needs to corroborate and locate a witness, the use of vehicle sightings adds another arsenal for private investigators. This information was exclusive at one time, available only to law enforcement, but has since changed. Private Investigators can obtain vehicle registration and driver’s license information but keep in mind that individual states have restrictions in which a subpoena may need to be issued.

Private Investigators can also assist lawyers with information on where to send a subpoena to Facebook and other social media, banks, cell phone record information, etc. Similarly, computer and cell phone forensics which includes services like digital voice identification and video analysis are also excellent resources for the attorney.

Another thing that Private Investigators can obtain through their resources is physical records. They can conduct physical research at courthouses throughout the U.S. The benefit here is that this resource saves lawyers a considerable amount to time to research it on their own or through their paralegal.

Private Investigator resources also include forensic sciences such as laboratory testing for DNA, hair testing, blood spatter experts, forensic chemist-drug testing, autopsy review, toxicology analysis, and other lab services of similar nature.
In other cases, polygraph examination services have been active and successful in recent sex assault cases as well as Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) which aids in the detection of hidden microphones, video, Wi-Fi ops, GPS detection, and can aide the attorney in many types of litigation.

The services and benefits discussed here are not everything that a private investigator can provide. But the point still stands that private investigators are an incredible resource for attorneys, and should be used in an effort to save time, energy, and cost.