How a Private Investigator Can Assist Attorneys

Whether you are a large law firm, solo practitioner, criminal defense, civil litigation, corporate, business, etc., you should consider the use of a private investigator. Private investigators are individuals that can be hired to undertake investigatory law services. The benefit of using one is that any seasoned, private investigator has the resources that can help [...]

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Coronavirus  It’s an uncertain, frightening time in the world right now. While the current state of affairs regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a state of fear for businesses, we must be vigilant of other attacks that occur regularly. Workspace violence, spying, and dishonest employees are examples of things that could [...]

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Safe Hiring

In an increasingly violent society, along with an out-of-control civil litigation climate, employers must take additional measures when evaluating a prospective employee or business associate. While we see an increase in releasing individuals from prisons and operate as a society that believes in second chances, the question is: Does it relieve businesses of their responsibilities [...]

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Self Defense for Real Estate Agents

A lot of industries and positions are more at risk for potential danger than others. The real estate industry, for example, are just like any industry where the employees tend to operate alone. Visiting buyers, showing houses, and determining meet-up locations are all things that can put a real estate agent at risk. The necessary [...]

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