Avoiding Holiday Hackers

Our first blog regarding crime during the holiday season focused on thieves, but it is also important to talk about hackers. Computer fraud happens every day, but especially over the holiday season when more and more people are using the internet to make purchases. One of the techniques used by hackers is sending you an [...]

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Staying Safe During the Holidays

While the Holiday Season is exciting and approaching quickly, so is the increase in crime that comes with it. We recommend you be aware of your surroundings from criminal activity like robberies, theft, and breaking and entering. It's important for your safety and your family's safety to take preventive measures. Here are a few helpful [...]

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Even in this century, we continue to deal with age-old problems of serial killers and the individuals they target. It is estimated that 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner (not including sexual harassment) at some point in their lives (source). [...]

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Business Traveler Blog

BUSINESS TRAVELER BLOG Traveling can be an exciting opportunity, but it’s important to recognize how dangerous some areas can be and how much of a target you can become while traveling. Recent events in Mexico – a popular travel destination – reveal how dangerous it really is. Cartels have strongholds on several states and cities [...]

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