Meet Bob. He works for a successful company, manages a few employees, but this year the profits in his department are far lower than they should be. There isn’t a reason that he can find for this loss of money but Bob’s got a hunch. He doesn’t know who it is, but he’s confident that one of his employees is committing fraud. What can he do about this? Telling his boss would be a good start, but is that enough? Luckily for Bob, corporate private investigators like Forletta are here to help him out.

Fraud is far more common in this day and age than it should be, and there are only a few ways that we have found, as a society, to deal with cases like Bob’s. It’s been reported that companies around the world lose an estimated 5% of their annual revenue to internal theft. Groups like the Society for Human Resource Management publish articles that are intended to reduce the amount of fraud and help law-abiding citizens like Bob catch potential fraudsters, but sadly, this doesn’t always get the job done. Over 1000 cases of fraud are investigated every year, and that’s just the ones who got caught.

There are three major categories of fraud: asset misappropriations, corruption, and financial statement fraud. The first of these, asset misappropriations, which includes cash skimming and fraudulent disbursement (which is simply paying someone for fake or fraudulent reasons), is by far the most common. This kind of theft is also the least costly on average, but that doesn’t mean that these cases are unimportant. For every case of under-reporting and over-reporting, there are more than eight cases like Bob’s.

Now Bob might be able to narrow his suspicions down to a few employees, probably someone who works in a financial department, and most likely someone living either far beyond their means, or in relatively deep financial trouble. But these factors aren’t enough to make an accusation, and far from what he would need to take his case to court. Cases like this one are why Forletta, a Cleveland private investigator business, exists. Bob can talk to a specialist, request help from an investigator, and be taken seriously before he has all of the puzzle pieces in place. Because of this private investigator business, Bob isn’t alone in his search for justice and peace of mind.

Problems ranging anywhere from threats, background checks, surveillance, intellectual property, to cases of potential fraud like Bob’s are handled discreetly by corporate private investigators. We ensure that no matter the case or the company, our process minimizes risk and liability, and we specialize in undercover workplace investigations. Forletta even provides a complimentary consultation. There’s no need to feel alone and lost in the legal system. Call Forletta and get the help you need to stop the criminals in your world, like Bob’s fraudulent accountant, today.

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