Why some investigations run cold, and how a “fresh set of eyes” by a Private Investigative Service can be so beneficial in helping resolve a case. 

Sometimes criminal or civil cases can be simple and straightforward. Other times they’re not. Evidence is often complex, difficult to decipher, and can have varying degrees of usefulness or evidentiary value, which needs to be weighed and prioritized for follow-up. Investigators routinely analyze evidence, statements, and other information collected by officers and crime scene investigators, and then prioritize follow up and/or further processing based upon the facts of the case. In more complex investigations, the amount of this information can be overwhelming and extremely distracting if not pertinent to the case.

Irrelevant evidence, or items collected during an investigation with little to no evidentiary value, can lead an unwitting investigator down the wrong path. It happens—albeit mostly out of a genuine effort to be thorough. This information or “evidence” is essentially useless, since it does not support any relevant facts in the case. Think of it this way: try assembling a puzzle with various puzzle pieces that have been mixed together with an unrelated puzzle. You get the idea—a convoluted and confusing mess.  Sometimes, in the midst of an investigative conundrum, items of valuable evidence are overlooked and items of little to no value are given more attention than deserve. It can be an overwhelming process, sorting through thousands of items of evidence, information, and statements. And with no new information or leads developing, the case may unfortunately be placed on the back burner. Once the case has become inactive, it can take weeks, months, or even years to reopen. That doesn’t mean the case is undeserving of follow-up investigation, it just means that limited resources used to solve that particular case have been steered away in another direction.

That’s where Private Investigation Services can help. Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant provides cold case review and follow up investigative services in the Pittsburg and Cleveland areas. Not only can a fresh set of eyes bring independent review, but the private investigator can then follow through with whatever needs to be done to bring that particular investigative lead to its conclusion. Sometimes a single sentence buried within a written statement, among hundreds, can hold an overlooked hidden truth. Whether it’s additional surveillance, new or follow up interviews of witnesses, analysis of written statements, DNA testing or fingerprint comparison, Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant can provide the professional attention your case deserves.

If your case needs a fresh set of private investigative eyes, give us call.