Investigative caseloads fluctuate depending upon the number of current (on-going) investigations existing plus the number of new investigations initiated on any given day, versus the number of investigators who are available to conduct the investigations (receive assignments). This caseload ratio is consistent among local, state, and federal law enforcement investigative units. As you can imagine, a detective responsible for robbery investigations can have his/her hands full with a serial robbery suspect who won’t stop until being caught. One active suspect can accumulate a hefty caseload for an investigative team in a short amount of time. And that’s just one suspect. Thousands of robberies are committed nationwide each day. For information regarding Uniform Crime Reporting click here.

As a result, investigators are oftentimes faced with an overwhelming number of cases and charged with the task of managing any and all required follow-up tasks that each case demands. If the investigation should fall short somehow, no one is to blame except the agency who holds the responsibility of conducting all due diligence required in that particular case.

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Larry Forletta is a decorated former special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with more than 30 years of professional law enforcement experience including the Maryland State Police. Forletta has led major criminal investigations and is judicially recognized as an expert in the U.S. District and State Courts. Forletta’s team of highly trained private investigators can be your go-to resource for investigative workload assistance. Call Forletta today to discuss how a PI for your government investigation can help your team.