Your decision to hire someone is most likely based upon their ability to fill a specific need in your company. The value the employee brings to the company justifies the cost incurred during the hiring process, as well as the employee’s salary and company benefits.  According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study, everytime a salaried employee is replaced, it costs the company approximately 6-9 months salary.

Every employee is an investment and should be vetted to protect your work environment, other employees, your customers, and your reputation. Pre-employment screening can accomplish this by supplying the company’s decision makers with valuable information regarding the potential employee’s criminal, civil, motor vehicle, and credit background prior to hiring. Your decision to hire is your business, literally. What makes sense for your company and the position for which you’re hiring may not work for another company and vice versa. So what level of a background screening is enough?

By law, some positions, such as those in a position of trust with children, require background screening. On the other hand, there are plenty of jobs that don’t require any pre employment screening and it’s left up to the company to decide if it’s prudent. Many businesses believe it is well worth the cost of the screening process to eliminate problems that may be foreseen by an individual’s history. For example, someone with a propensity to steal should probably not be entrusted with handling large sums of cash. Likewise, someone with a history of violence against the elderly shouldn’t be placed in a position to care for residents of a nursing home.

These are obvious examples of non-hiring decisions, and common sense should prevail. However, it’s also important to consider conducting ongoing records checks for those employees entrusted with such things as company vehicles, or job requirements that impact safety, such as the requirement to enter a customer’s home to do their job (such as a cable installer, plumber, etc.). Consider how a DUI arrest, a suspended driver’s license, a sexual assault arrest, or a variety of other offenses might impact your employees safety, your customer’s safety, and/or the reputation of your business.

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