With each passing day, the World Wide Web casts a further net on male and female, young and old, rich and poor alike, leaving no one outside its clutches.  The boundless finger of the Internet stretches across oceans and lands, making someone on the other side of the world seem like he or she is in your backyard.  That, it seems, is how cyber stalking has become so effective.

In one particular Pittsburgh cyber stalking case, the prosecuting attorney claimed that the fear evoked by cyber stalking feels as real as if someone were physically standing outside that very building; the Internet’s grip is that strong.

The first reported federal cyber stalking case in the Pittsburgh area occurred in 2010, in which a woman sent over 350 emails and 275 phone calls to a former coworker and was sentenced to seven months in prison, as well as a year or more of electronic monitoring and medical supervision.

One Internet guru who once made his fortune off the web watched it become his demise.  Multimillionaire Mark Juliano sent multiple interstate threatening emails to his ex-wife, which the judge viewed as no laughing matter.  Though his sentence was cut from five years’ imprisonment to three years’ probation, Juliano paid a $5,000 fine and upwards of $60,000 to his wife for restitution.

Unfortunately, Mr. Juliano’s acts didn’t stop there.  He was charged again a year later, this time for leaving threatening messages on his probation officer’s phone, and landed another three years on probation.

Cyber stalking is not limited to text messages and phone calls, however.  Technology now enables stalkers to spy on a victim’s car travel through their GPS software and, of course, social networking sites.

Several incidents recently involved a 38-year-old man coercing underaged girls through Skype, Facebook, and Twitter to perform sexually explicit acts, and another man stalked and possibly raped a woman he met via the Tinder app.

Naturally, the Internet isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.  In the meantime, what needs to change is the way people are using the web.  If you or someone you know shivers in daily fear from a cyber stalker, you should break the silence and come to FORLETTA for help.  With our “world-wide reach,” our international private investigation company can counter the system and restore your sense of security.