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People may be generally familiar with the above areas that a private investigator can be of assistance. That said, there are so many more ways we can help that wouldn’t occur to people, such as in the domain of sports and athletics!.

We thought it would be interesting to share some ways that a private investigator can help in the area of sports and athletics, as these are very well-known and popular areas lauded by our society.

An article came out last week about a high school football team in Thomaston, Georgia, where the state’s high school sports governing body will vote on a proposal known as the “50 percent sit-out rule.” The proposed bylaw would force transfers who cannot prove they are moving schools for non-athletic reasons to miss half of the regular season. The GHSA is trying to crack down on transfers. The Executive Board will vote on the proposal on May 23 at the Thomaston-Upson County Civic Center.

How it works, according to the recent article:

“If the transfer’s former school doesn’t waive the 50 percent sit-out rule and the appeal is denied, that athlete will miss half of his or her season. For football, that is five games, but the rule applies to all sports. Basketball players will miss 13 games, baseball 15, etc. (See full list of sports and sit-out times below).

If a student transfers during the season, the sit-out period will start as soon as the school has verified the family’s move to the new residence. If the team goes to the playoffs, those games count towards the 50 percent total. If not, the 50 percent can be completed the following season. It is not limited to just one sport, but all of the sports the athlete participates in.”

As the issue of transfers becomes more controversial, Assistant Executive Director Jay Russell said that he and the GHSA believe it is time for tighter restrictions on transfers as the landscape of high school football evolves. The proposal comes after an increase in transfers, including last year’s “super team” at Grayson High School where several highly-recruited athletes transferred for the 2016 season. The Rams won the 7-A state title with that team. One athlete transferred for just one season and went back to his old school.”

The GHSA couldn’t find any evidence that he broke any of its current transfer rules.

And, so, Russell said previous cases and investigations of transfers has already led to changes, like the hiring of a private investigator that can be used for any issue, including investigating transfers. The GHSA has included $2,500 for private investigators in its budget beginning in July.

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