Along with my work as a private investigator, I have also had the privilege of teaching drug classes to a variety of individuals. I feel it is important to help people understand the complexities, issues, and myths that often circulate regarding illegal drugs, and to empower them to make the right choices.

Accurate information about drug use continues to provide staggering statistics. The United States is the number one consumer of illegal drugs; 8.5 percent of children over the age of 12 have an addiction problem. Substance abuse problems are more common than breast, colon, and lung, cancers combined. Billions have been spent on the war. Many people wonder if it is worth the expense, and the answer is ‘yes.’ This is why I feel so privileged that I get to teach these classes and help improve the lives of others. Below are just a few of the topics I cover in my classes.

  • Heroin trafficking and how it funds the Columbian drug ring, the Taliban, and other terrorist groups
  • The distribution and abuse of approved medications (Oxycodone, Methadone, etc.)
  • The truth about the effects of marijuana on your body, and your community, as well as its chemical makeup (how it works)
  • Drug abuse’s impact on the judicial system, the health of its victims, and its contribution to our overcrowded prison system.
  • How drug abuse affects the entire community, not just those with a personal connection to the problem

If you are interested in taking these classes, or setting some up for your work place, club, or other organization please contact me as soon as possible.