It is our belief at FORLETTA that if people were better informed, they would make better decisions. This idea applies broadly, generally and I have seen the truth of this ideology over and over again.

In my years as a DEA Agent in Washington DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, I have witnessed more tragic situations than I care to recount, and, I feel confident that if FORLETTA and organizations with a similar mission were to educate the community at large, that some of these tragedies could be prevented.

People only know what they are exposed to—what they have experienced firsthand. There are many myths and conspiracy theories out there, and, it is challenging for people to decipher which are reality and which are fiction. So, I feel I feel as a PI and a former DEA Agent it is part of my job to educate and inform the public in the hopes of being proactive and having a community that is more knowledgeable and empowered to protect themselves and make smart choices.

Specifically around drug use: often people will question the “War on Drugs” and the choices of government spending on this issue. Because they may or may not have had exposure to what goes on relating to drugs, they are doubtful of the focus of the government on this War on Drugs, and think it is all a sham. There is constant debate about government spending and if the funds are wisely spent and allocated.

I can tell you from years of experience that this money and these efforts are well spent. If you haven’t had exposure to the devastating realities of drug addiction and what goes on each and every day in the lives of many, consider yourself lucky, and know that ignorance is bliss.

That said, I want to share with you just a small handful of statistics around this matter, and these statistics will break your heart:

-The United States is the number one consumer of illegal drugs.

-8.5 percent of children over the age of 12 have an addiction problem.

-Substance abuse problems in the U.S. are more common than breast, colon, and lung, cancers       combined.

-Billions have been spent on the war on drugs as a result.

My theory of education being the proactive solution to these problems is one I have put into practice over the years, and is something I feel very proud of and privileged to be able to do. While it is a slow but steady process, I get to help improve the lives of others, and turn my knowledge and experience into power for those that need it.  

To learn more about these classes, check out our “Resources” tab to see more details on what these classes are about. I teach classes about drugs and addiction, but I also have a wide range of other classes that can help businesses, individuals, and more related to other subjects and issues..

If you are interested in taking these classes, or setting something  up for your workplace, club, or other organization please contact me as soon as possible.