When people think about Private Investigators, they tend to think of dramatic scenes from old movies that they have seen, with witty and dry remarks and somewhat romantic and glorified scenes. A narrative in the background from the investigator. Black and white scenes with smoke in the background. It also may appear from these movies that it is a very rare thing to hire a private investigator.

However, there is a real need for these services. Private investigation is no fantasy. There are so many serious reasons to hire a private investigator, be it child custody cases, drug dealing/use, a need for surveillance, and cases of identity theft—and more.

Here at FORLETTA, our Pittsburg and Cleveland private investigators have an extensive background in Law Enforcement. For over thirty years, I worked undercover on the streets of Washington D.C., Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Now I am a Pittsburgh civil private investigator. My work took me through many different parts of the community, and through my experience I have seen firsthand the tragedies of substance abuse and drug addiction. Heroin has increasingly become a devastating problem. I have participated in extensive child custody surveillance over the years. There are endless scenarios that require the help of a private investigator.

I am now a major family P.I. in Pittsburgh. Child custody surveillance has become a major part of my daily work. It is not an easy field to work in. I am a witness to many very challenging and painful situations and scenarios. And, child custody cases are a tricky business, especially when the relationship between parents is fraught with tension and negativity. It is without exception extremely complicated.

While friction is understandable, dangerous behavior is not. That’s why people call in third party Pittsburgh private investigators. If you have reason to believe your former spouse poses a threat to your children, you can hire professionals to compile the information needed to prove his or her incompetence while steering clear of any personal confrontations.

Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant performs child custody surveillance in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.If you feel strongly that a parent or guardian is unfit to provide proper child care, we help gather evidence to substantiate your claim in order for the courts to render a decision regarding child custody. Reckless driving, alcoholism, drug abuse, physical or mental abuse, exposing a child to danger or an unhealthy environment and/or violating a court-ordered agreement are all signs of an unfit parent that can be observed, documented, and submitted before the court. We offer a complete range of discrete surveillance services and will work closely with you and your attorney to formulate a strategy to meet your objective.

If you have the slightest doubt as to your children’s safety with another parent or guardian, call Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant for a free consultation. Safeguarding your family is our priority, so let’s start building your case today.