Innovation is the force that drives the American economy. So many companies rely on the protection of their intellectual property, that patent law drives millions and millions of dollars in the United States annually. Small businesses live and die by the security of their intellectual properties, which can mean that your success in protecting your ideas can mean the success of your company on a whole.

Legal proceedings can mean more investment than a small company can easily provide, however. If the case starts to drag on, increased costs can sink any hope your company may have of successfully protecting your livelihood. With that in mind, how does a small company defend its intellectual property without the resources of an industry giant?

This is one of the many situations in which a private investigator can help protect your property and prevent the need for the astronomical costs that prolonged legal fights can reach. Building a case, either in defense of your company or in prosecution of a competitor who you believe is stealing your intellectual property, can be expedited with a private investigator’s unique skills.

Building a case against the theft of your intellectual property can be frustrating. You are, after all, in the business of producing your product, not keeping others from profiting by your hard work. Even though everyone starts out with the intention of keeping detailed records and keeping up-to-date on the competition, it can be easy to let those things slide in your day-to-day operation. This is where a private investigator can really save you time and money: using a combination of your documentation, correspondence, paperwork and so on with other pertinent information, a private investigator can start to establish a time-frame and build a proper body of evidence.

The same principles apply if you’ve been accused of abusing another company’s intellectual property. Instead of being strong-armed into settling with another company, hiring a private investigator can build the case that represents you correctly, buying you valuable leverage when handling these delicate negotiations. A strong defense relies on establishing the proper sequence of events, which is an area in which private investigators excel. Using everything from document time-stamps to cellphone forensics, a private investigator can build your defense and prevent you from losing access to your hard work.

If you have any questions about the role of a private investigator in defending your intellectual property, please visit our website. In addition, Larry Forletta is happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding what a private investigator can do to defend your business. After all, it’s your idea. You shouldn’t have to worry about it.