Wouldn’t it be great if you could trust the information provided to you by employee candidates? The last thing you want is for your brand new HVAC-certified employee walking around asking co-workers what HVAC means. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, only slightly more than half (58 percent) of small businesses surveyed check a candidate’s previous employment and references and that only 32 percent verify education. But that can turn out to be a costly mistake. Employee turnover encompasses separation costs, recruitment costs, and productivity effectiveness costs. Generally speaking, the cost of replacing an employee can be anywhere from 30-150 percent of that employee’s annual salary.

The good news is that the solution is straightforward and readily available. A thorough pre-employment background screening will allow the employer to know the true history of the prospective employee: education, professional license and credential verification, sex offender search, past employment, marriage and divorce records, Social Security Number verification, credit checks including bankruptcy and other financial information, acquaintance identification, lawsuit history (including pending civil suits), business backgrounds, and of course, criminal history.

Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant employs a team of investigators in Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA that can get your background screening process completed in a thorough and timely manner. Forletta applies decades of investigative experience to the hiring/background screening process, beginning with interviews and ending with a full evaluation of the prospective employee. Whether you’re searching for a new hire, a business partner or investor, a house-cleaner or nanny, Forletta can conduct a background screening or pre-employment screening for you to ensure peace of mind. Be proactive–don’t let a bad hire cost you (or your company) valuable time and money.  Hire only the best and most qualified–call Forletta today!