As consumers searching for a professional in most fields, our research will probably direct us to a group of candidates who require further vetting. Chances are that we will probably filter the good from the bad through our own personal processes and make decisions to hire based on our needs. Like other service-oriented professionals, there are good private detectives, not-so-good private detectives, and private detectives who stand out from the crowd. Simply put, qualifications mean a lot.

Sometimes, however, we make quick assumptions during our initial search for a service professional that we should not. For example, a judgement might be made regarding costs of services based on website appearance–i.e., the cheapest looking private detective website must be the cheapest hire. That might be true, but not necessarily, and the same holds true for the elaborate looking website–unless the investigator’s credentials match in professionalism, reliability, and integrity, the client may discover the hard way that the private detective hired is far from qualified for the job.

Remember, serious investigations requires the attention of qualified investigators with the necessary supporting credentials. Anyone can look through a pair of binoculars, but processing the information gathered from a surveillance takes discipline and skill. Without the proper background and education, the mere appearance of impropriety or clandestine activity without scrutiny may lead the investigator down the wrong path, potentially wasting both the client’s and the investigator’s time and money.  Additionally, without proper forensic background knowledge, an investigator may unintentionally contaminate possible evidence, or may not understand what type of information can be derived from potential forensic evidence. That means that the information gathered during an investigation may or may not be evaluated correctly to arrive at proper conclusions.

No matter who you hire as a private detective, your confidence in that investigator to get the job done right should be at a high level. Without that confidence, you will never feel satisfied that a thorough, professional, and cost-justified investigation took place. If your currently searching for a private detective, look no further. Larry Forletta is the founder of Forletta Investigative / Security Consultant. He is a highly decorated former special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) with more that 30 years of professional law enforcement experience that includes the Maryland State Police. Larry Forletta’s experience is invaluable, and he utilizes that experience with each investigation he takes on for his clients. If you are a results-oriented person and want to have the confidence that your investigation is handled by a reliable, confident, and professional investigative team, call Forletta today to discuss your “Detective Needed” situation.