We recently wrote a blog piece about the importance of protecting confidential information in the workplace and provided steps to help you do so. However, with the increase in globalization, remote working, and digital technology, a whole new set of challenges arises when it comes to protecting confidential information. The prevalence of digital devices has made it easier than ever to copy and share information. But if not used with caution, classified information might end up in the wrong hands, which could have a disastrous impact on business. As a follow up to our most recent blog, we are continuing our conversation on maintaining confidentiality with a special focus on digital considerations.

One means of protecting confidential information in the digital workplace is by using employer-issued electronic devices for any work-related communication. Keeping separate electronic devices for work and personal use and making sure that there is no crossover between the two can help prevent uncontrolled access to an employer’s networks, therefore ensuring that sensitive information is not obtained and removed without the proper authorization.

Employees should also exercise their best discretion when posting on social media. Depending on the nature of the business, companies might consider enforcing a policy where employees cannot use their personal social media accounts on employer-issued devices and/or during working hours. This can help prevent employees from advertently or inadvertently posting confidential information and can help employers maintain control over confidential customer information. Employers should also be clear with employees about ownership over LinkedIn connections, Twitter handles, and the use of business social media accounts both inside and outside the workplace. Should an employee leave the company, he or she should have a clear understanding about appropriate interactions with social media connections made during his or her employment.

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