Private investigation is not just about what goes on in the background, or what you have seen in detective shows and movies—it’s not all just taking photographs and finding clues. Our mission is helping people, and a lot of that includes a commitment to education and prevention.

This is why I, Larry Forletta, founder of Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant, am a member of the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Community Task Force, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to PI resources. One important resource to share is The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County.

The Crisis Shelter of Lawrence County has been the community’s response to violence and abuse since since 1981, supporting and helping victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other serious crimes and older victims of any crime. The crisis shelter provides education, intervention training and community awareness as a way to prevent violence in the community. Annually, the agency serves close to 1500 survivors in a county with a population of  just over 91,000. Additionally, the staff reaches approximately 12,500 students with age-appropriate prevention education annually, ranging from pre-school to college age. Additionally, close to 3000 community members are reached each year with awareness and intervention training.

The agency also provides a “transitional housing program,” where families have adequate time to learn the skills of independence. The transitional housing program recently was rated first in its region for HUD projects, and has proven to be one of the most powerful solutions for Lawrence County in ending the generational cycle of poverty and violence.

As the only domestic violence emergency shelter and sexual assault agency in Lawrence County, the agency’s comprehensive programming provides crucial and desperately needed client services in the community. The shelter services are free to all victims in Lawrence County and surrounding communities regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, income level or disability. The crisis shelter is an active member in the oldest and most respected coalition in the country, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Through its history, the shelter and its programs have continued to grow to meet emerging community needs. We at Forletta support this organization and are on board to support this organization and to promote organizations like this one in an effort to prevent crime in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Forletta is in the business of helping people. Whether it’s protecting confidential information, helping with due diligence matters or serving to prevent violence and crime—Forletta is here to serve. Call us today.

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