Spring is here and the country’s police departments continue to sizzle under political scrutiny. Here at FORLETTA, our Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigators have an extensive background in Law Enforcement. There is one factor lurking in the background you need to remember when you watch the news demonizing police officers – budget cuts.

Since the economic down turn of 2008, police forces around the country feel the pressure of small numbers and even smaller budgets. While this may seem like a small issue on the scales of time, it is a big thing on the minds of many who still suit up in blue every day.

Ticketing as a Revenue Stream is a Myth

With a few exceptions, speeding tickets and other minor citations are not necessarily revenue builders. With the cost of paying enforcement to monitor speeds, the cost of time to give the ticket, process and file, it actually brings in very little money. Police forces still depend on Taxpayers to foot the bill, not criminals.

Money Woes Instead of Fighting Foes

Basic psychology research suggests that money stressors can deeply affect our cognitive ability to problem solve and use critical thinking. Then why are we putting our police officers under financial strain when their jobs are already one of the most stressful in the world? Our men and women in blue should be spending their time focusing on protecting and understanding our communities instead of on ways to increase revenues or find ways to put food on the table.

As you read this, you may be wondering how you can make a difference. The answer is simple. Write your representatives, local officials, and newspapers to tell them your concerns and keep our cities and town safe.