Our Men and Women in blue have been in the news lately and unfortunately, it has been for all the wrong reasons.  Despite the negative coverage, we must remember that most members of our law enforcement are upstanding citizens determined to keeping our neighborhoods safe.

  1. Police Presence Deters Crime:

Often, simply having the police in your neighborhood is crucial to keeping crime rates low. “Beat cops” (as they are often called) work with community members to keep neighborhoods peaceful.  Many still work in our cities across the US and if a criminal knows that the neighborhood is diligently patrolled they are less likely to do their dirty work in that neighborhood.

Back in 1979, I was an active member of the Maryland State Police. A massive blizzard struck stranding most of the police cars. Once news spread that law enforcement was immobile, massive amounts of looting began because the presence was no longer there to deter it.

  1. Police Serve and Protect

Police officers are not there to serve their own agendas or to prove their authority. They are there to serve and protect. This doesn’t mean that they simply track down criminals, solve crimes or stop speeders and other traffic offenders. Instead, they help your community thrive and prosper by keeping crime low and making your neighborhood a safe and viable place. Thus, if crime is under control and economies are thriving, so will your families, your neighborhoods and those around you.

Next time you see a police officer, thank him or her for their service. And for your league’s needs, trust the experienced team of FORLETTA, Private investigators for Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the surrounding areas.