Here at FORLETTA, our team of private investigators are often looking for ways to help our clients find the weaknesses, issues and gaps that could be negatively affecting our clients’ personal lives and businesses. However, these problems are not always as they appear. This is why we want you to take a moment and carefully examine the way you evaluate yourself, others and your work.

Inverse Everything

Over the holidays, you may have given yourself a day to complete a jigsaw puzzle.  You know that sometimes you have to turn pieces in several different ways in order to have them fit where they are supposed to.  This goes with how you evaluate yourself as well.

As adults in the working world, we often become accustomed to routine. We have an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” motto on life. Sure, in most cases this is true, but what if you are missing something? As you plan for 2015, think about the inverse of every process in your life, mix it up, and move it around.

Here are few questions to ask:

  1. What would my role in my career or personal life look like if it were reversed?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new life?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of my current role as opposed to my inverse one?
  4. How can I use these benefits to our advantage in both situations?
  5. How can I use what I learned from this exercise today?

After asking these questions, several things can happen:

  1. You discover something you never thought of before.
  2. You discover a weakness that you or someone else can exploit or adjust for the better.
  3. You realize your original way of think was right in the first place.

Ask Everyone

Now that you have tried it on your own, its time to ask for help. Think of asking different members of your team then same questions you did. Make sure you are specific, and include all the questions and inverses. You will probably learn a few new things about yourself and those around you.

Often, we see the world in a binary of good and bad. This is not always the case.  Every person, place, and stage in your life has advantages and disadvantages. Only when we see from multiple angles can we learn. For more insightful tips into the New Year, or to track down and trouble shoot your issue, call FORLETTA—your Pittsburgh and Cleveland private investigator.